The Meeting House, the Community Information Center is where guests can park and walk around the small town. This building is the home of the Crossnore Jam, where music sessions happen free and open for anyone to come, play and enjoy music. They are held the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month through the summer.


Miracle Grounds


The Crossnore School offers many places to visit:

Miracle Grounds Coffee Shop is run by the children of the children’s home. Bring your laptop and enjoy coffee, ice cream or lunch.


Sales Store



Visit the Blaire Fraley Sale Store to shop for second hand items and found treasures.


Crossnore Weavers


Crossnore Weavers: A Working Museum* is in the rock cottage that holds looms, crafts and fine art. This is where community women have woven pieces that have warmed local children and heads of state. The weaving continues as it has for decades in a room that catches sunlight and imagination. The Fine Arts Gallery upstairs benefits the children’s programs.


Labyrinth and Healing Garden


Between the Sale Store and Weaving Cottage is a Labyrinth and Healing Garden. It is a welcome place to quietly walk and meditate.

Sloop Chapel

Ben Long FrescoThe Sloop Chapel with a Ben Long Fresco
* provides an inspirational experience in the children’s home chapel focusing on a meaningful and masterful old world painting done in the ancient art of fresco, embodying a biblical passage which begins, “Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not.” Children from the school and from master fresco painter Ben Long’s own family served as models for this illumination.
Guy Building The Guy Building is an example of ‘adaptive reuse of a historic building’. It is the original Crossnore Hospital, built in 1929. This old building was in the center of the contemporary Sloop Hospital and was securely protected there after 60 years inside the many modern additions. The Crossnore School bought the large abandoned hospital and through careful demolition and restoration, preserved the original hospital as their clinic and adoption center.
Beside the Guy Building is an amphitheater for the outdoor drama ‘Miracle on the Mountain’, about Dr. Mary Martin Sloop and the story of the making of The Crossnore School.

The Crossnore Presbyterian Church


The Crossnore Presbyterian Church* is just off the highway. It is on the National Register of Historic Places and is an architectural treasure crafted with Linville-style barkwood components and unforgettable stonework.


The Crossnore Presbyterian Church



Crossnore First Baptist Church has many programs to help serve the needs of the community.

Also on the highway is The Corpening State Forestry Training Facility serving our local Christmas Tree Farmers as well as other groups who may want to hold meetings there with full food and lodging service available.

Click here for a downloadable PDF of Crossnore infromation.

*Part of the National Registar of Historic Places



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