Crossnore's development was due largely to the determination and compassion of two very special doctors, Eustace and Mary Martin Sloop. When they came to Crossnore in 1911, they immediately began providing healthcare, either by seeing patients in a section of their home, or by traveling on horseback to the homes of patients — which were sometimes over thirty miles away. Through the years with the help of the townspeople, Dr. Mary Martin Sloop established a boarding school to provide education for the area's young people, an orphanage, two churches, a weaving facility, and a second-hand clothing store.

She was honored as a National Mother of the Year in 1951.

Dr. Eustice Sloop engineered a hydroelectricity plant for the hospital and town from his dam on the Linville River and a phone system which hung on the same poles.

They were ingenious, resourceful and caring individuals who left a large imprint on the town.

Eustice and Mary Martin Sloop Ourdoor Surgery in Crossnore

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